America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants by Allison Singh

America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants


America is a confusing place, especially today. America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants draws upon interviews with Indian immigrants and my own experience to answer practical and complex questions about America. Readers will find answers to common questions immigrants share, as well as those they might not know to ask.

For example, if America is a land of immigrants, how could anyone be antiimmigrant? How do I know what is offensive to Americans? How do I give  my children Indian culture in America? How is Donald Trump different than past U.S. presidents? What should I expect as a minority in America? Why are there so many mass shootings in America? How are gender roles, the workplace, schools, parents, medicine, business, finance and government different in America than India?

The book has two goals. First, to provide immigrants with information they need to be comfortable, confident and successful in America. Second, to remind them that America is a land of immigrants just like them, and they are still welcome here.

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America Explained, Chapter Three: A Word on the American Dream.

by Allison Singh (Narrated by Tanzeela Bashir)

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A Guide for Immigrants, Expats and Students

With more interviews, personal stories and useful information, the new edition is not just for Indian immigrants, but for immigrants, expats and students coming to America from across the globe.

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