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I still remember interviewing my great grandmother, an Irish immigrant, for a school assignment when I was a young child. Years later I wrote my Scottish grandfather’s immigrant story and gave it to relatives as a Christmas gift. I spent countless hours listening to my Italian grandmother tell me her story. So you could say I’ve been listening to immigrant stories my whole life, first as curious child, then as a married woman trying to connect with her new Indian immigrant family.

I was working as a lawyer and raising two children with my husband when something changed. For the first time, immigration was talked about as a problem, not one of America’s greatest strengths. Immigrants told me they were starting to feel unwelcome, that the word “American” no longer included them. I knew in my bones that this was untrue. 

I turned to my passions to find a way to help – listening to immigrant stories and writing. The result is the book America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants.

The book is presented as a guide in question-and-answer format. Some questions are basic, some are those you have always wanted to ask, and others you may not have known to ask. Some were whispered to me by cousins, others are what I would have wanted to know if I was in their shoes.

I love to hear from readers. Please contact me on the Contact page and tell me what you would like me to include in future editions, or share your immigration story with me. You can also tell me what I got wrong – I am white and born in America, so there is always going to be a limit to my understanding of the immigrant experience. But this also gives me an advantage. I hear things that would never be said around non-white people, and I include them in the book so that you can be prepared. 

I also write a series called “Americans in Love” under the pen name Betsy Adams.  You can find out more about my fiction at  www.americansinlove.com.  


“My goal with this book is to use my words to make the transition to America is a little easier for you. Perhaps my words can make this land a
little less unknown, so that you can make it your own.”

– Allison Singh

My Books

America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants by Allison Singh

America Explained:

A Guide for Indian Immigrants

America is a confusing place, especially today. In America Explained: A Guide for Indian Immigrants, Allison Singh draws upon interviews with Indian immigrants and her own experience to answer practical and complex questions about America.

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America Explained: A Guide for
Immigrants, Expats and Students

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